How To Find Balance When Working From Home

Whether it’s a temporary thing due to the current world crisis or you want to make the leap into working from home permanently, there are many things to consider. One of the most important is establishing proper ground rules for yourself so that your life remains balanced between work time and your time. A healthy balance between the two is essential for your own mental wellbeing, as well as for your productivity levels at work.

Set Strict Hours For When You Are Available For Work

Newtown – It’s easy to let the lines between work and home life blur when you are already at home. So set some boundaries in terms of when you are available for work conversations and when you are not. The simplest way is to look at office hours and stick to those. If your work is more flexible, then you can set your own hours – but be sure to stick to them.

If your rule is no more work emails or phone calls after 5pm, shut down your email program at that time and start screening your calls. This doesn’t mean you have to stop working immediately if you want to finish something, but it does give you a time to stop the conversation and start to mentally decompress from the work day.

Take The Same Breaks As You Would In The Office

When it comes to breaks in the work day, people who are new to working from home usually end up going one of two ways: too many breaks or none at all. Without your boss just around the corner, it can be very tempting to get swept up in scrolling through Facebook or getting to those chores around the house that you’ve been meaning to. Others can go in the complete opposite direction and spend the entire working day glued to their desk because they feel they need to be as productive as possible.

Instead, set a start time for yourself – a time when you need to be at your computer and working productively. Then, give yourself a morning coffee break, a proper lunch break and an afternoon tea when you spend some time at Australian betting sites. It’s also important to set a time limit on these breaks so that they don’t go on forever. So yes, you can start tidying up the attic or watch your favorite show during the work day, but limit it to the times when you shouldn’t be at your desk.

Set Up A Space That Is Just For Work

Our homes are meant to be places where we can relax, spend time with those we love and let go of the world of work. This is a lot harder to achieve when you also have to be awake, focused and immersed in your work in the same space. Having a space that is dedicated to your job will help you to distinguish between your two worlds. According to Business News Daily, “It’s critical to commute out of the bedroom to a dedicated workspace that separates work from personal space”.