The Scientific Benefits of Being a Dog-Owner

Cat people and dog people have been bandying words back and forth since time immemorial. But the next time anyone tries to convince you that felines should come first, tell them about some of the advantages card-carrying members of the Canine Club enjoy!

You Won’t Get Ill as Often

Thanks to how much disinfecting we do these days, our bodies are being exposed to a far more uniform mix of germs. Thankfully, Fido’s got you covered! Having a dog in your home means more diverse bacteria are introduced and gets inside you, building up your immunity and making you stronger. Studies suggest that people with dogs as pets get sick less often and less severely than those who don’t.

You’re Forced to Exercise More

Dogs in particular benefit those of us who struggle with getting the right amount of exercise each day since they need to be taken for walks. Birds, cats, fish, hamsters, and reptiles all bring their own set of advantages to their owners but don’t need to be physically stimulated in the same way as your pup does.

They Make You Happy

Dog owners are less likely to experience depression. Taking care of dogs requires a basic routine and forces you to get out of the house more. You are also more likely to interact with strangers and will enjoy a general feeling of well-being thanks to the connection you share with your four-legged friend. The interaction and love you get from your animal go a long way towards helping you stay positive and increased levels of oxytocin, the feel-good chemical, is reported in those of us who are lucky enough to have a pooch in our lives.

Your Social Life Will Get a Boost

Dog ownership indirectly tells people you’re trustworthy and empathetic, both attractive qualities for platonic and romantic relationships. They’re also a wonderful conversation starter so you’ll find yourself being able to engage with people you wouldn’t usually and feeling a lot more relaxed about it, too!

You’ll Be Less Affected by Stress

How much our dogs help us handle stress better is so obvious that many companies are starting to allow people to bring their pets to work. Time after time, studies show that people interacting with pets while they work have lower stress levels thanks to a range of reasons. This includes your needing to take more breaks, to play with or walk your animal, which serves to energise you and allow you to get more done better, and more quickly, when you return.

They Help You Find Out More About Yourself

The kind of dog you have can reveal quite a bit about your personality! Studies have found some interesting correlations between people’s characters and the breed of dogs they owned. Boston terrier owners, for example, hide sensitive natures beneath tough exteriors, make friends easily, and are good at listening. If you’ve got a bulldog, you’re probably determined, persistent, and stubborn. While you can be a bit intimidating, you’re gentle, loving, and a bit of a romantic!