Mentally Preparing Yourself For A Date

Going on a date is supposed to be fun. You get to appreciate a pleasant activity, get to know a person you like, and otherwise just enjoy yourself. So, why is it that going on a date has become such a stressful prospect for so many? Worse yet; being stressed at a date is the best way to ensure that it doesn’t go well.

In the modern age, many have started to think of a date as more akin to an exam, rather than something that is supposed to be enjoyable.

You’re Not Choosing A Life Partner

One of the biggest problems is that many have started to think of dating as a way to choose a life partner. Can I live the rest of my life with this person? Will I be comfortable seeing their face every morning? Will they be okay with my snoring? No wonder they’re stressed, who could be at ease at a time like that?

Of course; approaching a date from this angle is ridiculous, and a guaranteed way to completely stress yourself out. Instead, remember the reality; you are just two people going out and having fun. If you feel like you’d be okay seeing that person a second and third time, simply take it as it goes. Thinking ahead to any big decisions isn’t what a date is supposed to be about.

Am I What They Want?

Driving yourself into anxiety wondering if you are what the other person is looking for in a life partner is equally as overwhelming. Worrying about this will likely make you a bundle of nerves, resulting in you being bad company. By the end of the evening your date may have just resorted to online games on their phone for entertainment, given how anxious you’ve become.

As above; this isn’t something that should be occupying your thoughts. If you are or aren’t what that person is looking for is irrelevant, given that the purpose of the date is to enjoy yourself. Plus, being anxious certainly isn’t going to give them an idea of who you really are regardless.

What If It Doesn’t Work Out?

First and foremost, you probably shouldn’t be going on any dates with a person you don’t get along with. If you’ve decided to date a person based on reasons other than how well the two of you gel, you’re doing dating wrong.

Second; you’re going to have a good evening regardless, since you do get along. If it turns out that the two of you aren’t going to be life partners, it really isn’t a big deal. You went out, had fun, and have a new friend. You can hang out with this person again if you feel like it, and just have a good time. There is always the opportunity to look for a romantic partner at a later stage.

Most importantly; always remember that there are more dates to have, with other people. No one single date will determine your romantic status for the rest of your life.