Great Ideas for Mini Mental Breaks

Being an entrepreneur can be stressful, as can having a “normal” 9-5 job. Often we get bogged down in what we are doing and forget that a little mental break can go along way. Laws regarding lunch hours or the length of time people can work for are there for a good reason, as working takes its toll not only physically on your body, but mentally and emotionally on your mind too.

If you’ve never heard of a mental mini-break you should have! These mini breaks give your brain a chance to relax and think about something else, and are designed to de-stress and make you feel that little bit fresher.

If your not quite sure what to do on a mini mental break, keep reading, we’ve got some useful and practical ideas that can be employed by just about everyone.

Grab a cup of coffee

It may sound simple, but stepping away from work and making yourself a cup of tea or coffee gives your brain a break. You can shift focus and think about something simple, and you get to enjoy relaxing a little while too.

Chat to a friend or colleague

A quick social chat can do wonders for our psyche, especially if it involves talking about something you are passionate about. Whether you enjoy walking your dog, playing mobile casino games, hitting the gym or just about any other activity, talk about it to someone and give yourself a breather. Just make sure you’re not interrupting their valuable work time!

Go for a quick walk

A short, brisk walk will get the blood pumping, especially if you’ve been sitting at your desk for hours. Exercise of any form is always good, and even if you simply take a walk round the office or around the house, you get a chance to hit the refresh button.

Step outside and breathe

A quick change of environment is an awesome way to take a mental mini break. Get outside, breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the feeling of the sun or the wind on your skin. Even if you spent a few minutes outdoors you’ll feel a lot better, and you may have a better sense of clarity and a renewed purpose when you return to work.

Listen to music

A musical interlude is a great mini mental break. Pop in your headphones and listen to a song or two that you love. You’ll relax almost instantly and you’ll find that you forget about work for a few minutes and simply enjoy the music. If you can, dance! This will get you moving, which is never a bad thing either.


You don’t need a long time to meditate, nor do you need silence. Teach yourself to switch your focus inwards and to breathe deeply, and take a little time out. Clear your mind, think of absolutely nothing and let go.