How to Make New Year’s Resolutions That Last

It’s another new year, which means just one thing. Another brave attempt at becoming our best selves.

There’s something thrilling about the promise of a fresh start, writing on a blank slate with no idea of what will happen but safe in the knowledge of what we intend. That’s what many of the things we love have in common, including, for instance, all the best Aussie pokies games. The promise of a big win in return for engaging play and putting our wits to work in landing the proper combinations in the correct time? Sign me up!

Put one resolution at the top of your list: a commitment to trying a new approach to making sure the changes you want to see actually happen.

Be Specific

Do you want to get physically fitter? Excellent. But, instead of making a broad statement about exercising more, dive into the details.

Will you be exercising on a daily basis, or a couple of times a week? Are you going to go to the gym for two hours every second day or simply start walking more? Do you want to finally try Hot Yoga or are you happy with doing online classes?

Write down exactly what it is you’re going to do to accomplish your goal. Keep asking yourself how you’re going to do it until you’ve got a road map laid out in front of you guiding where you to go.

Identify Your Barriers

Life is a series of obstacles, and living is the way we deal with these, so expect the unexpected. Before you even begin, try to imagine what some of the challenges you’re inevitably going to face may be. Are they internal, or outside factors? Identify them upfront and start developing strategies to overcome them.

Know Thyself

Take an honest look at where you are in your life. What kind of changes can you realistically make right now? Don’t go too far out of your comfort zone, as your goal may then become too challenging to take on.

Make Changes for the Right Reasons

Pinpointing a specific reason and keeping that in mind will go a long way towards ensuring you stay motivated.

Put Building Blocks in Place

Changing old habits and routines you’ve been following for years takes longer than you think. Build extra space into your daily, weekly, and monthly schedule to make new habits. Set aside specific blocks of time on your calendar, and put reminders on your laptop and phone.

Start Small

One of the biggest ways that we self-sabotage is by setting goals that are simply impossible. Create smaller stepping-stones on the way to the eventual outcome you seek.


See the future you want as if it’s happening right now! Picture what your success is going to feel like. How has your life changed because you’ve done what you set out to?

Taking time to visualise your ideal future will not only ensure you stay motivated. If The Secret is right, it actually creates that reality for you!