Small Business Mistakes With Big Costs

Starting off a business can be daunting and money may well be tight. That’s why you need to avoid the small mistakes that add up fast.

These small mistakes can cost you dearly in the long run, so I’ve given you the lowdown on what to avoid so that you don’t end up in the red, or out of business!

Overselling your product or service

When you start out you want to try and secure as many customers as possible for your product or service. Ideally, the more customers you have the better, and the faster you make money. But, you don’t want to over promise and under deliver, so rather start small and work on building up a client base.

There is nothing worse than promising clients something and then not being able to deliver it, and if this happens because you have over extended yourself early on, it can snowball fast.

Hiring too many staff

Yes, you may well need to hire some staff, but now is not the time to take on an office cleaner, tea lady or handyman! Unless you’ve hit the jackpot playing at a mobile casino Malaysia, start small. You can fill many of these roles yourself, and keep your payroll to a minimum.

If you start off being liable for too many staff you may feel the pinch early on, and have to close your doors before you even get off the ground.

Not having a web presence

Everyone uses the Internet these days and if you are not online, you are doing yourself a disservice. Even if you have a very simple website with your product information and your contact details, people will at least be able to find you.

A web presence also lends credibility to your brand and shows that you are established. You don’t have to spend thousands on a flashy sit either, you can teach yourself how to use WordPress or something similar and create a sleek and simple site that tells people more about what you offer.

Overspending on fancy premises

Now this is a double-edged sword. If you need premises from which to run your operations and you’ll be seeing customers, you want to make a good impression and have the appearance of being a solid brand.

BUT do not do this at the cost of your company. Try and secure the most reasonably priced premises, or if needs be, share space with a well-established company while you find your feet. Huge rent bills will fast eat into your capital.

Not taking advantage of free advertising

Don’t be afraid to try free advertising platforms. Social media is a great way to advertise, and even if you have a Facebook page and a Twitter or Instagram account, you can generate interest.

Some people think that it looks cheap if you opt for the free marketing options, but they do work and they often pay off.