Ugly Money Truths

Some say money is the root of all evil, but really, I think those who say that haven’t managed it very well, or don’t have enough of it.

The problem with money is that we probably don’t talk enough about it, and we don’t face up to the many ways it influences us, and the way we handle it. These ugly truths will hopefully make you think, and have a better relationship with money in the future.

Don’t Lend Anyone Money…If You Want it Back

The sad truth is that so many people who borrow money from friends or family never pay it back. This can lead to major fight and even cause the breakdown of lifelong relationship. It’s not worth it.

If someone wants to borrow money fro you, and you have it readily available and don’t mind parting with it, give it to them as a gift. That way, you’ll never miss it. If they do happen to pay you back, that’s a bonus!

Play the Lottery…But Don’t Use It As A Back Up Plan

I hear many people say ‘when I win the lottery” in a very serious way. And they think then all their money woes will be over.

Fact is, you are far more likely to win big playing the Blackjack online Canada has to offer than the lottery, and if winning the lottery is your back up plan or the way you’re going to secure your financial future, you better think again!

You’re Saving Monthly…But Probably Not Enough

If you think you’re doing well and saving a little each month, that’s a great start. But are you saving properly? Have you drawn up a budget and seen where you can cut back?

Chances are, you just said no. Now is the time to really see where your money is going and how you can save that little bit more each month at

You Want To Retire One Day…But You Have No Pension Plan

It is amazing how many people I chat to that simply have no clue as to what they will live on when they retire.

But oh boy, are they happy to talk about everything they will do when that day comes. With what money!? It is never too early (or too late) to start putting aside money in a pension fund, so if you have yet to do so, do so now.

You Know How To Manage Your Money… But You Don’t

If you know how sound money management works, and know just how to manage your money but don’t you need to get with the program.

So many people don’t have the skills they need, but it’s worse when I see people who have the know-how, but don’t use it.

You Don’t Think You Have a Lot of Debt…But You Do

Before you say you don’t have a lot of debt add it ALL up.

Right, now, can you say the same thing? Thought not. Be honest about your debt, and start paying it back- as fast as you can!