Mistakes People Make Working from Home

When you start your own business the chances are, it will initially be from home. Now, I coach plenty of people who do this very successfully, and initially they all make the same mistakes.

That’s why I thought it would be a great idea to put down on paper the errors I see entrepreneurs make time and time again, so that if you decide to start working from home, you are one step ahead!

Create a Schedule

Discipline is essential when working from home, and one of the biggest problems people face is that they don’t have a set schedule. You need to ensure that you start work at the same time every morning, and finish at the same time every day.

You can it one step further too, and set tea or coffee break times, and take a lunch hour. This way you can read the news in the morning, have fun with a few real slots NZ has to offer at lunch, or check out what’s what on social media in the afternoon; guilt free.

Stop the Weekend Check Ins

It’s so tempting. You can send an email quickly over the weekend. Rearrange a few things, do a recon, compile a few invoices… stop! Step back.

Sticking to a schedule means not working over the weekend (unless it is crucial) as you need to give yourself a break. Of you mix work and weekend you’ll never feel refreshed, and that’s essential.

Avoid the ‘Just’ Trap

What’s the ‘just’ trap you ask? It’s the trap we so often fall in to of saying I’m just going to do the laundry, I’m just going to the shop, and I’m just going to grab coffee with a friend.

By the time you have finished all the just you’ve lost half a work day- or worse. This falls under sticking to a schedule and being disciplined, but keep tabs on the use of that word just, it’s a small word with big consequences.

Keep Friends and family Out

So many people struggle with saying no, especially to friends and family. Then, someone pops in “because you’re at home’ and ends up talking away half your day. Tell your friends and family upfront you do not want visitors when working from home, and they must treat your situation as if you are working in an office.

They wouldn’t come and hang out for hours at your desk there, so they must not do so at home either.

Create a Work Space

Set up your own office or work space at home that’s dedicated to your business. A corner of the dining room table or kitchen table does not suffice, as it will always feel temporary and a bit adrift.

The same goes for working endlessly in coffee shops. Rather create a workspace that you love at home, and at the end of the day ‘close the door’ or simply step away until work beckons the next day!