Tips for Working From Home

Many entrepreneurs start off working at home as there are no expensive overheads, and no travel time either. But it isn’t always easy to work from home, and it takes the right discipline and mind-set to ensure that you actually get what you need done, and that you stay motivated too.

New entrepreneurs can follow these guidelines and ensure that they maximise their potential when working from home.

Create an office space

Even if you live in a small apartment, set up a little office space that you only use for work. This way, you’ll have a dedicated spot that gets you into the right frame of mind, and you won’t be tempted to work lying on your bed or from the couch. If you keep your work space separate you’ll also not be tempted to enjoy recreational pastimes like playing casino pokies online while you are meant to be building your business, and you’ll keep these enjoyable activities for when working hours are over.

Set strict office hours

Make sure you create a routine and set yourself strict office hours that you adhere to. Start at the same time every day, and try and end at the same time too. As an entrepreneur it is understandable that you may need to work later, so be flexible with your finishing time, but not with your starting tome. As soon as you slip in to the sleeping late, starting later routine you are on a downward slope.

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Get dressed daily

There may be temptation to slouch around working in your PJ’s, but this won’t give you the right working mind-set. Get up, shower and get dressed as if you were going out to work, albeit in more comfy clothes if you prefer. One of the perks of working from home is that you don’t see customers or colleagues, but don’t let this mean you can slob around in your bathrobe all day.

Deal with meals

If you were in an office or any other place of work you’d have a lunch hour, or at least time off to grab something to eat around midday. Implement a lunch hour at home, even if it is only a few minutes, where you eat some food, and spend a little bit of time not at your designated work space. This gives you a mental break and makes “going back to work” easier.

Create a routine

Eat breakfast, have coffee a few hours into your day, answer emails at the same times or complete admin between certain hours. By creating a routine you not only increase your productivity, you also ensure that you do not miss any tasks that are important, and that you get through everything you need to do daily. Write lists, make notes and don’t get lax about tracking whatever it is you need to track. Successful entrepreneurs are organised and efficient and you need to be all this and more, especially when working from home.