When To Walk Away From A Friendship

Friendship can be a funny thing. Some friendships last a lifetime and survive all manner of ups and downs, while others simply burn bright then fade away. But there are some toxic friendships that are damaging, and you need to know when you should walk away.

Old Doesn’t Mean Good

Sometimes we stay friends with someone out of habit because we’ve done it for so long. The problem is, the person we are friends with are no longer good for us, and we should walk away. If you have an old friend who degrades you, is rude, sexist, racist or just a nightmare to be around, call it quits. Simply having been friends for many years don’t not mean you have to put up with bad behaviour, and if you have called them out on it and they still haven’t changed, cut your losses.

The Root of All Evil

They say money is the root of all evil, and when it comes to friendships and relationships this can be so true. If you have a friend who is constantly borrowing money from you and never pays it back, run. Even worse, if said friend only makes contact when they need money.

Feeling Bad About the Good Things

Any friend who makes you feel bad about things that are good in your life needs to go. Yes, a little bit of jealousy may be natural, but if you consistently get shot down when you share any good news with a friend, you need to make new ones. Friends should want the best for one another and not make one another feel awful simply because they are having a better time, got a promotion, have won big while enjoying the eSports betting Australia has to offer, are getting married or going on holiday.

Trash Talking The World

Yes, all friends gossip, but if you have a friend who is trash talking your other friends endlessly you need to take a step back. A great idea is to broach the subject and find out if there’s a reason for them running your other friends down, but if this doesn’t work and the behaviour doesn’t change, then cutting ties is the only way forward.

Dangerous Minds

If your friend is constantly playing mind games with you, run. Mind games can be anything from exerting peer pressure on you to act out of character or do things you don’t really wat to, to gaslighting you or forcing their opinions down your throat and refusing to listen to any other reasoning. Don’t let anyone push you into something you don’t want to do, especially if it involves drugs, alcohol or anything illegal. Rather walk away.

No Means No

If you have a friend who doesn’t take no for an answer, take it up with the, affirm your position and if nothing changes, move on. Your time and personal space is something you should have complete control over, and no real friend will try to change that in any way.