Free Ways To Get Fit

Free Ways To Get Fit

Gym contracts. Yoga classes. Bicycles or other boards or other sporting equipment. It all adds up and can become really expensive. If you’re on a budget and want to get fit, there are some awesome free ways to do just that.

Take a look at our budget-friendly exercise ideas and save yourself a bundle all while getting that 6 pack or those biceps you’ve always dreamed of!


Possibly the most obvious free exercise, jogging is a great way to get fit and can be fun too.

If you need incentive, get a group of friends together and set yourselves some goals for time and distance and see who can come out on top.

Trail Running

If you live close to a forest or wooded area, why not investigate the trail running options open to you?

You can start off with the more gentle options, but before long you may well be running up the mountain or at the very least a steep hill or two with ease.


If you live near a lake, have a friend with a big pool or are near the beach, start swimming!

Swimming is fantastic exercise and it is low impact too, so if you have suffered from injuries or other ailments, you’ll find that it is not as hard on your joints as running is.

Body Surfing

You don’t need a body board or surfboard to hit the beach! Try body surfing and see just how good for you it can be.

Body surfing can be very strenuous and you’ll need to learn how to ride the waves, so start on the smaller breakers and then build up your confidence.


Whether it’s putting on some banging tunes in your kitchen every night for half an hour while you cook supper or going to a club and giving it your all on the dance floor, you’ll be burning off a load of calories.

You can try out different styles of dancing too, as each one offers a different level of exercise, plus, you’ll never get bored as there are so many different styles!

Hit the Playground

If you can find a quiet playground and not get in the way of the kids, you’ll discover that there are some great ways to exercise.

From using apparatus as steppers to swinging from the monkey bars or climbing fireman poles, you can build strength and get fit outdoors. You don’t have to hit the jackpot playing the fun bingo games online just to get ripped.

Work Out At Home

If you employ a bit of creative thinking at home, there are plenty of ways you can exercise and it won’t cost you a cent. Do pull ups on doorframes or stair case ledges, use stairs as your own personal stair climber or do sit-ups and push-ups in your living room. You can even create your own exercise regime at home, so you can get fit for free come rain or shine!