7 Dating Tips for Divorcees

If you are divorced and ready to start dating again, you’re not alone! With such high divorce rates the world over, there are so many people who are looking for love again and want to start seeking out potential partners.

I often come across divorcees who are desperate to jump back into the dating world but don’t know where to start, or those who have taken the leap and ended up falling a bit flat.

That’ why I thought it was high time I proved a few tips so that you can find the path to true love a second time, smoothly!

1. Don’t talk about your ex

The cardinal rule of dating as a divorcee is to NOT talk about your ex. You can mention why you got divorced and when, but initially do NOT go into detail.

A potential new partner doesn’t want to hear all about your ex, they want to hear about you, and if you don’t stop talking about them, they might think you aren’t over them and ready for something new.

2. Don’t badmouth your ex

Worse than talking about your ex is badmouthing them. Regardless of the reasons for the divorce, ranting about their faults or slagging them off is not an attractive attribute, and definitely not dating conversation!

3. Know what you want

If your marriage failed and you’re looking for a new life partner you need to know what you want.

If you love hikes, find someone active, if you love NZ sports betting find someone who likes sports, and if you enjoy eating out, find someone with a passion for food!

4. Know yourself

Perhaps more important than knowing what type of partner you want is knowing yourself. After a divorce you may be feeling vulnerable and a bit adrift.

Ensure you face these feelings head on, get back in touch with your inner you and know yourself and what YOU like before you look for someone to share with.

5. Know that you are complete alone

Divorce is not fun, and it can lave deep scars, and if you’ve been married for a while you may feel at a loss without a partner.

It’s not healthy to start dating simply to look for sooner to fill the gap, you should take time to process your divorce, and only when you feel ready, start dipping your toe back in the dating pool.

6. Make friends first

It’s tempting to get swept away in the heat of passion or to enjoy unbridled lust after a stale marriage, but remember, when a fire has died down, if there are no sparks, it won’t keep burning.

Friendship is the cornerstone to any relationship, so if you start dating someone take it a little slow, get to know each other and find out of you are friends first.

7. Don’t discount a lack of chemistry

If you go on a date and there is no chemistry but you had fun, consider a second date! Sometimes, chemistry develops as you get to know someone, and ditching them after 1 date could see you lose out.