8 Fitness Myths Busted

When it comes to getting fit, there are so many myths that may trip you up along the way. I’ve coached a lot of people on the path to wellness and am always surprised at what they believe to be true, simply because someone else said it was!

Let’s bust the myths I come across most often so that you don’t fall for them either!

1. Staying in shape only takes a little bit of exercise

If you think you’re going to get fit working out once a week, you’re wrong. Getting fit takes time and effort and you need to exercise for at least an hour every day, 3 times a week or more.

If this sounds like a lot, try aim for shorter, more regular bursts of exercise instead, and reward yourself with some online betting when you’re done.

2. The best time to work out is when you wake up

No, not necessarily. Some people may find that this is the worst time, it is different for everyone.

Scientists have actually said that when it comes to building muscle, the late afternoon is the best time to work out, as this is when the body is closest to sleep, and tissues can repair themselves.

3. Weight lifting turns fat to muscle

Again, no. Weight training can increase your metabolism, which is great for breaking down fat; but seriously speaking there’s a lot more to it than simply hoisting around heavy objects and hoping to slim down!

4. Exercise will make you lose weight

Yes, it will but if you continue to stuff your face with fatty foods, sweets and other treats, you’ll counteract any effects.

You can be fit and fat, but when it comes to losing weight you need to combine exercise, healthy eating and good sleeping habits in order to attain results.

5. Sit ups give you a 6 pack

You can do 100 sit ups a day but your 6 pack will never show unless you have a low enough body-fat percentage.

If you’ve ever heard the expression abs are made in the kitchen this is why. You need a combination of healthy eating and stomach crunches to get that perfect 6 pack.

6. Only men should weight train

Under the right guidance, no. Weight training is for everyone, but as women tend to have smaller, lighter frames they can be more prone to injury.

If you do opt for weigh lifting ensure you do it under the watchful eye of a trainer who knows what they are doing.

7. Running a marathon is the quickest way to get fit

…or injured, or pass out from dehydration or exhaustion. If you want to get fit you need to do so gradually. It doesn’t happen overnight and you certainly can’t start off by running long distances.

When you are fit enough to run, start with shorter marathons or races and work your way up to longer distances.

8. Sports drinks are the perfect end to every workout

Sports drinks are generally laden with sugar, so it’s actually better to drink water after exercising instead.